"Coming to Jason's Foundation College was honestly the best decision I've made. It has made me feel so prepared to enter the professional world. I have learnt so more in the one year of being at Jason."
–Emma Wilkins
"It has helped my confidence, pushed me to my limits. And has made me appreciate performing a lot more than I did. I love the students that I perform with as everyone is so supportive and are there for you if you're having a bad day."
–Em Mason
"The Foundation College is such a brilliantly intensive course! The teachers have all worked in the industry and some are still working currently. My technique and performance skills have improved greatly in such a short space of time and I have been pushed to become a professional and versatile performer."
–Olivia Pearce
"The Foundation College is honestly the greatest thing I have done. This time last year I nothing but rejections, but after my first 2 auditions this year I have been offered a place and a recall. My confidence has grown and I am so grateful for all the help and support I have received."
–Anna Mills

Ben Callow


I have been dancing with Jason for the last 8 years. The Pre Vocational course is the perfect transition to dance college for me. I Will come out with 260 UCAS points with my exams I am takin with th RAD, ISTD and TRINITY COLLEGE and I will also be a quialified Street Dance Teacher. The Pre Vocational course has improved my confidance tremendously and I feel I will be able to perform well in my auditions.

Ben Had been accepted into Cambridge Performing Arts, London Theatre School, Urdang Academy - DADA award and Millennium - full scholarship

Josie skinner


I have gained strong technique in ballet, jazz, contemporary and commercial. Being able to have one on one time for singing and drama tutors meant my voice and acting also grew in strength. I had all the tools I needed to succeed in auditions, and succeed I did! I gained places at The Urdang Academy, BodyWorks, Bird and along with places at two top universities; University of Essex and Buckinghamshire new university. I could not recommend this course enough! I feel so privileged to of had this opportunity, had amazing teachers who really know what they are talking about and know how the industry works to help guide us through the audition period. We have also has some incredible workshops with guest teachers who have all/ still are in the industry. This year has been a whirlwind and I’ve had such a good time and met some great friends, I’m excited now to see were the future will take me and my fellow peers.

"I moved to Jason's from Dorset last year to join the Foundation College. I was really nervous as I had never lived away from home before and didn't know anyone in Cornwall. But as soon as I had completed my first week I knew I'd made the right decision! Over the months I've improved so much, not with my technique but also my confidence. I don't think I could have ever sung in front of an audience before joining this course. I've loved every minute. And have so far received places at Millenium Performing Arts and SLP College and a recall at London Studio Centre. I never thought that would be possible. The Foundation course is such an amazing platform for going on to achieve your dreams."
–Bronwyn Ebsworth
"After being accepted into Italia Conti on a scholarship , Millenium performing arts on a BA , Cambridge performing arts , SLP and Tring park I knew it was all down to my training on Jason Thomas's exceptional pre vocational course . I am so grateful for all the encouragement and support I have received from the staff here. This course has been the most life changing and incredible thing we are so lucky to have all this on offer in Cornwall Thank you Jason."
–Georgia Stevens
"It had always been my dream to be a performer, and after leaving the local College I realised I needed vocational training of a high standard to have any chance of furthering my career. The Foundation College has helped me more than I could've ever imagined, I hadn't done much dance training before and now I have places MADD College, Cambridge performing arts and received a Dada at Millenium Performing Arts. Not only will Jason Thomas give you incredible training and preparation for audition, but it will provide you with a supportive environment and I have made friends for life."
–Zoe Elizabeth Waters
"Joining this course has been such a great experience. Since day one it has challenged me and overcoming each challenge has been so fulfilling. The teachers are of an amazing standard and give each student individual attention suiting their level. I have learnt so much about myself and the industry. Last year I auditioned for schools and had little success, but this year I gained a place after my first audition, at my first choice Drama school 'East 15'. This course has put me in such a strong position for auditions and my career."
–Alannah Egan

Amy Mules


When I started ballet classes in Exeter when I was 15 I had no idea if it was going to take me anywhere exciting. Yet two years later I found myself on the prevocational course in Truro working super hard to get where I wanted to be. The course was the perfect for me as the intensive hours in the timetable made me catch up with other girls at my auditions who had been dancing since they were three. Thanks to everyone one that taught me, the training on this course and my hard work I got into Performers College, Cambridge Performing Arts, Laine Theatre Arts and London Studio Centre. I also received a DADA for Cambridge Performing Arts as well as a scholarship for London Studio Centre. This course has helped reinforce great work ethic towards my training and I know wherever I go next I will work very hard. Big thank you to everyone that's helped me on my crazy journey!

jake sylvester


I have been with Jason Thomas for the past 2 years and since join the Pre Vocational course my confidence and technique have improved rapidly. During the first term we spend time on audition technique, this has been invaluable. I auditioned for Millennium Performing Arts and have received a full scholarship for September 2012. Millennium have put me forward for the Andrew Lloyd Webber scholarship. I would have never had this opportunity without attending this course. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about auditioning for Vocational College.

Jack was excepted at Millenium, Urdang (BA Hons) and Cambridge Performing Arts, and now graduated with a Millennium-full scholarship

"The Foundation College has been the most amazing, inspirational and helpful year! My technique, strength and diversity has changed beyond my expectations. Having already auditioned for dance schools two years in a row and been unsuccessful, I have been accepted into URDANG! My dream school! That wouldn't of been possible without Jason's."
–Adelle Gale
"The Foundation College has made me more confident and all round better performer and a triple threat. Living away from home has been a challenge for me but I've been made welcome by everyone here and it's been the best thing I've ever done."
–Shea O'Connel-Cording
"I've always wanted to perform so I tried the Performing Arts Diploma at the local college, but it just wasn't for me. I joined The Foundation College after one year at college and its the best decision I could have made. I got into Millennium Performing Arts, my first audition, with a Steven Mears Bursary. If you want to make it, this is the right course."
–Jordan Scrase

Adie Armstrong


The Foundation Course has been the best experience! I could have not got better training anywhere else! Since doing the course I have been offered places at Laine Theatre Arts, Millennium performing arts, London Theatre school, and I have chosen to further my training at Cambridge Performing Arts in which I was offered a fully funded place! From the course I have also received my Grade 8 Musical Theatre with distinction, level 4 diploma in Musical Theatre with a distinction both with Trinity College, I have also left the course as a fully qualified IDTA street dance teacher, with this qualification I have worked with Children all over Cornwall and have set up my own community project working with underprivileged children! The course has offered me so many opportunities i can not thank Jason his teacher and the Foundation Course enough!

Megan Ledger


Since joining Jason’s dance studio in October 2011 I have reached a new level of physicality which I thought was unattainable this has totally changed the structure of my dancing technique over a multitude of genres. As an alternative to college the professional teachers who have been brought into assist with our development have all been grounded in the real world of dance and theatre. I really enjoy this course it has enabled me to take a further step into the professional world of dance.

Megan now has been excepted at Cambridge Performing Arts and SLP College on a full scholarship.

JTPA Alumni


Taylor-Sian Paciusko - Laban Centre - BA (hons) Degree
Micheal Rounsaville - Rambert Dance School
Alex Pooley, Charlie Blackwood , Ceri Tindale , Liz Falkner and Jodie Philips - Dance College of Cornwall
Philip Grey - Performer College Scholarship


Dean Wills, Ryan Matthew and Daniel Jefferies - London Studio Centre - BA (hons) Degree
Crystal Penaluna - Millennium Dance School
Michael Peters - Stella Mann College - Scholarship
Frances Speedie - Arts Educational, London


Adam Warmington - London Studio Centre BA (hons) Degree
Charlie Vose - Arts Educational, London
Marianne Dawson - Bath Spa BA (hons) Degree


Alex Bird - The Royal Ballet School
Josh Arnott - Jenni Fletcher - Laban Centre BA (hons) Degree
James Wilton - London Contemporary Dance school - BA (hons) Degree
Elly Guest - Performers College
Steven Crow - Stella Mann College - Scholarship
Anna Mitchell - London Theatre School
Rebecca Shipway - Royal Academy of Dance College - BA (hons) Degree


Louise Burley and Jenny Kutler - Performer College
Beth Tegal, Jay Wilson and Cerian Brown - Cambridge Performing Arts - Dance & Drama Award


Elly Braund - Laban Centre - BA (hons) Degree
Thomas Greaves - London Contemporary Dance School - BA (hons) Degree
Lee Mathews - SLP College - Scholarship
Matthew Phillips, Ben Callow and Georgia Rettalick - Hammond School - Scholarships


Rowan Heather - London Studio Centre - BA (hons) Degree
Lauren Butler - Royal Academy of Dance College - BA (hons) Degree
Chelsea Siegal - Cambridge Performing Arts
Ellie Mae Barrett - Legat School of Dance - Scholarship
Alex Ryan - Hammond School-Scholarship


Kate Notley and Josie Brinkman - Bird College - BA (hons) Degree
Ria Gelbert - Cambridge Performing Arts
Brooke Walker - Sylvia Young Theatre School


Sarah Chapman - Performers College
Dillon Bygrave - Hammond school - Scholarship
Alice White - Laban Centre - BA(hons) Degree


Jake Sylvester - Millennium Performing Arts - Scholarship
Ginny Thomas - Cambridge performing Arts – Dance & Drama Award
Annice Winney - London Studio Centre
Megan Ledger - SLP College - Dance & Drama Award
Grace Barrett - Cambridge Performing Arts - Dance & Drama Awards
Maisie Newton - Hammond School


Poppy Shaw - Arts Educational-Tring Park
Dan Edwards and Jake Harding - Cambridge Performing Arts – Dance & Drama Awards
Becky Turner, TK & Poppy Aubery - SLP College - Dance & Drama Awards
Chloe Gallear - Ballet West
Ben Callow - Millennium Performing Arts – Dance & Drama Awards


Miranda Gully - Royal Academy of Dance Ba (hons) in Dance Teaching
Amy Mules - London Studio Centre - BA (hons) Degree
Aine Reynolds - Laban Centre - BA (hons) Degree
Emily Wagland - MADD College - Scholarship
Abi Hunn - SLP College - Dance & Drama Awards
Emily Jesson - Laine Theatre Arts - Dance & Drama Award
Josie Skinner - Urdang Academy
Adie Armstrong - Cambridge Performing Arts - Dance & Drama Awards
Ben Killingback - The School of Music-Musical Theatre Course - BA(hons) Degree
Jasmine Payne - Sylvia Young Theatre School


Alex Smith - Cambridge Performing Arts, Laine Theatre Arts and Northern Ballet - Scholarship
Beth Frigot - Cambridge Performing Arts, Millennium Performing Arts, Urdang & SLP (dada)
Elli Riley - Cambridge Performing Arts, SLP (Scholarship) D&B College (scholarship) & Millennium Performing Arts
Georgia English - Cambridge Performing Arts, Millennium Performing Arts and SLP (dada)
Georgia Stevens - Cambridge Performing Arts, Millennium Performing Arts, Italia Conte London (scholarship), SLP and Tring Park
Jessii Lloyd - Cambridge Performing Arts, SLP (dada) & Millennium Performing Arts
JP Davie - Cambridge Performing Arts(dada) & Millennium Performing Arts (dada)
Keziah Watts - Cambridge Performing Arts (dada) & Millennium Performing Arts (dada)
Kieran Morrish - Cambridge Performing Arts (dada) & Millennium Performing Arts (dada)
Zoe Watters - Cambridge Performing Arts, MADD & Millennium Performing Arts (dada)
Jasmine Knight - Hammond School
Morgan Wight - Elmhurst School of Dance


Adelle Gale - Millennium Performing Arts-BA degree, Cambridge Performing Arts,Italia Conte and Urdang
Aiden Nightingale - Millennium Performing Arts(dada) and Cambridge Performing Arts (dada)
Anna Mills - Millennium Performing Arts, Italia Conte and East 15
Bronwyn Ebsworth - Performers College, Millennium Performing Arts-(dada)- Cambridge Performing Arts and SLP (dada)
Emma Wilkins - Laine Theatre Arts, Performers, Millennium Performing Arts & Cambridge Performing Arts (dada)
Emily Mason - Manchester Met
Georgia Stevens - Millennium Performing Arts BA degree & Cambridge Performing Arts, SLP (dada) and Italia Conte (dada)
Isabella Flume - Millennium Performing Arts, Cambridge Performing Arts, SLP College (scholarship) and London Studio Centre (dada)
Jordan Scrase – Laine Theatre Arts (dada), Millennium Performing Arts ( Stephen Mear Scholarship) & Cambridge Performing Arts (dada)
Olivia Pearce - Bird College, Millennium Performing Arts, Cambridge Performing Arts and Urdang
Shea Cording - Millennium Performing Arts & Cambridge Performing Arts
Gemma George - Performers College, Millennium Performing Arts, Cambridge Performing Arts)
Jenna Warne - Bird College, Millennium Performing Arts & Cambridge Performing Arts (dada)
Melissa King - Millennium Performing Arts
Alannah Egan - East 15 and SLP – (Scholarship)
Millana Thyssen - Elmhurst Dance School



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